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I think I am being too productive for my own good these days XD Oh well...

I absolutely love this woman. So excited for Catching Fire <3



Reading the new DC file and is surprised to hear that Akai and Sera has another "smart" brother. *suspicious because of the "that person" references.

And, oh Vampire Knight has already ended *catches up. (Where is Kaname?)


EXO's comeback made my day. Suho is so handsome! I prefer the Chinese Version more despite the fact that I am not really good with Mandarin yet.




The infuriating moments when you finally get annoyed to see them by the street offering to take you home just when you just feel like embarking on a commute vehicle.... 


Music Trip

Am coming back to pop and R&B again. Geez, I'm being the stereotypical teenager nowadays.

And oh, since I'm not going to school this semester, I am trying hard to amuse myself with writing. I fear my efforts only did yield indifferent rewards though. And I don't like it when I started to read my past works. With age, one just gets fastidious, don't they?

(Mode: Britney's old songs make me so angsty. Why don't they have these kind of ballad these days?)

*struggles with formatting again

Imma Driver

Parents bought me a motorcycle because they can't trust me with a car yet. (And here I am thinking motorbikes are even more lethal). I can't use it anytime soon though. *waits till next month. 


Can't Read

Anyone of you experience those moments when you can't just read because your thoughts always fly away from the pages? Geez... Undergoing that phase now. (Even the simply-phrased children's book can't keep me engrossed. Guess I should try watching movies instead)

I feel so enervated. My back hurts.And my brain is swimming in a midst of oblivion (nothing poetic on that).  As of this moment, I have a lot of complaints in my daily life and I am starting to give in to the idea that Chinese zodiac does not lie after all. This is not the year for those born in year of the Rat, whatever kind of mouse I might be. 



I believe I'd live in my journal's name.


I feel sorry for people getting hooked again with PSY's "music". It basically is another attempt to make another Gangnam Style phenomena. And geez, don't they have any originality and have moved to reuse some other group's iconic dance for their choreography?

Kpop is indeed degrading. So sad.



While the evil Internet is still not back to distract me from writing (and babysitting some cute neighborhood kids), I still am happy. Why? Because the trailer for Catching Fire is finally released! Of all these teen literature that is surfacing on mainstream today, Suzanne Collins' trilogy is the only thing that I actually find readable enough. It was even made more epic with the cool casting (I can't say the same with the first movie though) for the film adaptation. I'm so excited about this! (Josh Hutcherson is a lot cuter in here <3)

But then, the timing of being happy now would be off seeing that the whole place in cyberspace is seething with America's misfortune. Not your best year Obama tsk tsk