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Code Geass

Have started to re-watch one of my favorite anime series of all time. While I definitely have not stopped writing (*guilty), I just feel like reliving old memories. Especially to the part of how Lelouch-C.C had been my first ever OTP. I just miss being the highschool girl who spazzes daily as to how ridiculously attractive Zero. Not to mention how well-suited he was with C.C. She reminds me a lot of AI though.

Which makes me consider writing a fic with these two. (A threesome with Suzaku perhaps? *killed)

Although he doesn't seem very interested.

Evil Dead

It is not as good as I was lead to believe. Especially the last twenty minutes. I totally don't recommend this.

But then I always am desensitized when it comes to horror flicks. It could be a decent one to others. I like the tree-rape scene though.

But my cats are even scarier than that:

P.S: I always feel nostalgic whenever I see the word EVIL. *stops writing for now.

Oh, and a happy, happy birthday to dino baby, Jonghyun. :D


Moving Out

Finally, moving out of the land of the men in white! So happy :D

And yes, I'm going to live with my cousin for now. This and the next month being the summer vacation, she will be my personal nurse. Making her my dear slave will surely be fun.

P.S Have finally decided NOT to post the evil ending should I finish it this week.


There seems to be a severe scarcity with good fics nowadays and it saddens me. I mean, oh I know one starts somewhere but this is just too much. Where are the better writers when you need them? (I blame this for the reason why I myself can't form a sentence well now. I haven't have a good read in the past few weeks. I mean a good, complete read.)


Anyway, I believe since I have been spazzing about Anne Hathaway nowadays, I just have to share this. Very hilarious lyrics but she sang it well.

Movie Adaptations

This year is a year of sequels. For example, after some three years Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series is coming back into the big screen! Although not much a big fan of the teen demigod series, I had been disappointed with the first movie. But then rumor has it that they are trying to make this one better. Based on the second book of the series The Sea of Monsters, the trailer for the sequel is released, still starring of course the cutie Logan Lerman....

And the rest of the others whose names I am not very interested to. The only one I have recognized in this trailer is Leven Rambin playing as Clarisse since she once played Glimmer in the Hunger Games movie adaptation.

Speaking of the Hunger Games, I am very excited about the sequel. Too bad Catching Fire hasn't released its trailer yet. I am looking forward to see Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair in action. No matter what people say, I believe you won't disappoint us.

Anyway, I have been watching fanmade movies nowadays. The Finnick and Annie web series (The Hunger Games Trilogy) is the best one so far: Very well made. Now why can't anime be like this!

In other news, happy birthday to my dear little brother Andy!!!

And oh, I haven't seen Annoying Orange for a while. I was surprised when I saw this:

Evil Ending

Reading some informative articles for additional research, I suddenly realized how bland my threesome is. (Although it's true that I desire not to be anything explicit)

Got to be more accurate then.

And since I have delayed for long, I might as well do it to the fullest. Am taking my time now. Have this really evil plunny for the conclusion in mind that refuses to go away. I may not write it any sooner though. (And fans will surely kill me for this one)

So please do forgive me if it's taking long

Lol at Robert Downey there. Just imagine Tony Stark doing that xD

And by the way, just to feel proud of myself. I have watched all horrible movies of the Twilight Saga (All five if you can believe it). True enough, Kristen Stewart doesn't know how to squeeze toothpaste out.

And the stares....


At least Robert Pattinson did redeem himself by saying he doesn't like Twilight. Or Edward.

P.S: It's really hot here. Summer does not belong to me after all. I like the rain more.

April Fools

Why don't I always realize that it's the April Fools when it's April First? For three years I always come to the senses that everyone is joking around either a day late... or not at all.

For example, I did have the shock of my life when I read this.

Now, that wouldn't keep LiLo out of jail wouldn't it? And I'll feel sorry for whatever worm that will come out of her, So I was like groaning al around by this news until people told me it was just one of the lame April Fools jokes.

To which I was never good at.

But then again....

For one thing, I don't even understand why I have followed that chick in twitter Lol.

Jurassic Park in 3d

Oh, how I hope I will be well enough to watch this

Too bad Michael Crichton wouldn't be around to see his cutie dinosaurs come to three dimensional life. I miss him a lot, as I miss these T-rexs and Raptors who has been part of my childhood for long...

As Toy Story have been....

Lol always at Rex.


Gawd, had just got this epic experience of the airconditioner seeing its last days because Philippines is just too damn hot. Good going *grabs fans. I'm being baked now. *wipes sweat.

And the heat gets worse when one is just not allowed to consume anything icy. I am hating the repetitive soup diet more and more.

I somehow wish for the SWINTER a-la Phineas and Ferb style. (WIth nothing better to do, I'm watching this cartoon's reruns)

PS: Am as moody as the weather nowadays too. 

Quiz Results

  Lol Because I'm bored, I've been taking these random personality quizzes around the net. And even though I know they are nothing but the workings of some bored nut believing they can be psychologists, I still took it anyway, if only to believe that for a moment we all live in a straighforward life. Where everybody can be described through a single formula. Where things are never complicated. And I have to say, it's an even more boring world in my delusions.

Anyway, most of the results are:

  What does your name mean? Lofty, sublime.Oh, now that's one ego-bursting compliment. To think I can have intellectual worth and majestic height just because I was named this way is almost uncanny in how I want it so much to be true, which I humbly believe it is not.

  How does others see you?

"Others see you as fresh, charming, and practical; someone who is popular, but composed and unpretentious. They also see you as considerate and understanding; always there for your friends. "

Lol. Now that is something interesting.

What is it that is causing your recent stress?

(*after answering some questions) This means that you are tired with some matters concerning your family or household lately

So true though tsk tsk

About my inner traits:

Long for security, intimacy and joy.
Take relationships slowly. (???)
Tend to look at the world in rosy colors, and treat people kindly.
Are sensitive, though they may present a tough exterior to the world.
May appear shy at times or when meeting people for the first time.


You are outgoing and self-confident, usually talkative and at ease in others' company. Some people find you highly likable while others find you a bit annoying, depending on the case. Your strong points are your honesty, directness and loyalty, while your weaknesses tend to be a volatile temper and lack of tact. You know what you like, and have little patience for that which offends you.

(Now that is really so me...)

With your 47 % you are: Melancholy: Usually emotional, individualistic, creative...Commonly artistic, spontaneous, lover of 'different' things. Weaknesses: You don't care enough of what others think. You're always trying to be 'different', and you don't stick with anything. 35 % from 41657 test takers had this profile!

But you have almost become this:
With your 27 % you are: Choleric: Leader, organized, self-disciplined and sufficient. Very successful. Weaknesses: Try to be perfect all the time, become bossy, don't 'let your guard down'.

And that you are not at all:
With your 13 % you are: Sanguine: Loves people, friendly, great story-teller...Loves to be center of attention or just to fit in. Weaknesses: Loss of individualism because you care too much about others' opinions.

With your 13 % you are: Phlegmatic: Laid-back, good-natured, easy to please. Usually get along with everyone, not one to 'make waves'. Weaknesses: Easy to become lazy, indecisive, selfish--usually undisciplined.

Oh that hurts me. But some of it rings true at least

Evaluation: I may not be as despicable as I always think of myself as xDD